Welcome to SaSē Ranch

The SaSē Ranch (pronounced sassy) was founded in February 2017 after Steve and Shawn were married and purchased this small acreage.  We have 18 acres of coastal grass hay and pasture, a ten stall barn that is connected to our arena where we train/exercise our horses.

We retain two broodmares that we A.I. with select race/performance stallions that we think will cross nicely with our APHA mares.

Our goal is to build our broodmare herd strategically to fulfill our mission to provide good minded, athletic, and versatile horses that can be successful in any discipline including race track, barrel pen, and roping pen.

If you’re looking for your next Mini Australian Shepherd, look no further.  We raise and breed these precious dogs to be great working and companion  dogs.  Australian Shepherds are very smart and loyal animals.  

Thank you for taking the time to read about us and looking through our website.